We collect new and next to new educational resources which would normally be thrown away from homes, nurseries, primary / secondary schools and offices. We support areas in the locality that need help and ship resources to orphans in African countries where needed.


Our Mission

To promote education, health and social welfare of the less privileged children both locally and in the developing world.

Nana Dee has helped us accomplish so much and it has been an inspiration working with her foundation!
— Frank Williams; Country Director, Children's Redemption Orphanage Home. Freetown. SL


All items are first sorted; prior to being shipped to target country; to:

  • Meet beneficiaries and distribute the items to the children.
  • Evaluate how the previous resources received by the children, have impacted their lives. 
  • Children with additional needs require that extra support and NDF ensures that children are well cared for and their carers are equipped to do their duties to the best of their ability.
  • We speak to their carers to find out how each child is doing. These conversations give us an insight as to what is urgently required by the children, what progress individual children have made in school, what their medical needs are if any and address any outstanding issues.