The foundation is laid!

We arrived on Friday 26th January 2018 and the plans for this trip were a little different to our usual trips. We focused primarily on the start of the orphanage building project and commissioned a reputable construction company to start the work immediately. We were able to lay the first foundation stone of the NDF orphanage.


We were also able to organise and transport some of the donated goods previously shipped. This was then taken to our new storage site on the land designated for the orphanage. The building project will take some time to complete, but as a charity we are all looking forward to what it will look like at the end.


During our trip, we were also able to visit one of the orphanages NDF supports. The children were all so pleased to see us and many were occupied by sports activities or their private tuition. We continue to provide food, water, clothing, medical assistance and tuition fees for the children and this has helped to improve and change their lives. On the whole, the children were healthy and well. They were very eager to tell us about what had been going on in our absence.